About Us

As most of us know, the job market is tough and highly competitive; and both potential employees and employers have to stand out in order to stay ahead of the race. People register with different job search websites in an effort to get noticed and improve their chances of getting a great job or hire great people. At You Hire, we have an excellent team of dedicated professionals that will help you reach your goals.

Our Team

We have offices in Montreal, Canada and Beijing, China; and both of them are run by highly intelligent and hard working people. All of our skilled employees have past experience working in highly successful businesses and are aware of different recruitment strategies and expectations. They are also familiar with modern technology and the world of Internet startups as well as have a drive and passion for success.


We're a no-nonsense website that provides a great platform for employers and employees to connect. Our socialized hiring process allows employers to narrow down the list of potential candidates and find the best fit. Our streamlined and efficient interface makes the process of a job hunt easy and less time-consuming than traditional methods.

Because of our platform design, you won't have to spend hours on end looking at job listings and sending applications or face uncertainty and wait for days to get the call for an interview. You can simply do an online interview and get through the recruitment process quickly. Our platforms method eliminates several steps from the recruitment process and simplifies it. This makes the job hunt process less frustrating and more convenient for our clients.

The 3-Win Scenario

Our model benefits everyone, the job seeker, the employer, and the person that provides references. With our recruitment process, everyone is satisfied and gets great results. You can refer to our How it Works page to understand the entire process. This makes us different from other popular job hunt websites. You don't need to fill out hundreds of applications and send your CV to a number of strangers. You will only need to send your CV if there's a real chance that you'll be hired and the company is interested in you.

So, don't hesitate to explore our website and look at all the job descriptions posted here. You will have a better experience with us than you do with any other job search website. You will also see quicker & more concrete results. Register with us today and take advantage of our efficient job search model here at